Welcome back and best wishes for 2024!

Welcome back and best wishes for 2024!

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to a brand new school year filled with endless possibilities and exciting new adventures! We hope your well-deserved break was restful and rejuvenating.

Cue is here to support you in whatever way we can, whether it be through resources, podcasts, courses or supporting you directly in your school! Email us here with any queries:) Sharon


Unlock the secrets to managing diverse talents in your R-6 maths lessons with the expert guidance of Rob Vingerhoets! As educators, we face numerous challenges, but addressing the range of abilities among our students is undoubtedly a top concern. The good news? In the world of maths, not only is it achievable, but it can also be engaging and enjoyable for both students and teachers!

When: Sat 23rd March 9am-1pm

Where: School of the Nativity, SA

Early Bird rate: until Feb 16th!

Bookings here

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