Unlocking the Joy of Writing: Insights from Sharon Callen’s Podcast

Unlocking the Joy of Writing: Insights from Sharon Callen’s Podcast

In a captivating podcast episode New Writing Units Uncovered, Part 2 with Sharon Callen, educators are invited into an enriching dialogue on nurturing students’ writing skills with joy and purpose. Delving into the second part of their discussion on new writing units, Sharon shares invaluable insights and strategies for crafting engaging writing experiences in the classroom.

Purposeful Planning: Sharon emphasises the importance of purposeful planning, where students are primed with weeks of immersion in fantasy narratives (read alods etc) before embarking on their own writing journey. This groundwork sets the stage for swift yet effective planning sessions, allowing students to confidently chart their narratives.

Drafting and Revising Cycle: Central to Sharon’s approach is the seamless integration of drafting and revising, fostering a continuous and frequent cycle of improvement. Teachers model intentional crafting and revision, spotlighting specific writing traits for enhancement. This iterative process cultivates a culture of refinement and growth among students.

The Role of Mentor Texts: Mentor texts emerge as powerful allies, inspiring students to aspire to literary excellence. Sharon advocates for selecting high-quality texts that exemplify exceptional writing across various genres. These texts serve as models for structure, language, and presentation, igniting students’ creativity and sparking joy in their writing endeavours.

Publishing for Purpose: Celebrating student writing through frequent publishing rituals amplifies the joy of the writing process. Sharon advocates for transforming student works into tangible books, fostering pride and a sense of accomplishment. By integrating publishing into the writing journey, students experience the fulfillment of sharing their voices with the world.

Cultivating Joy in Writing: Sharon underscores the significance of transcending structural constraints and embracing the joy of being a writer. Through author studies and immersive literary experiences, students inhabit the worlds of renowned writers, discovering their own voices in the process. By infusing joy into every facet of the writing process, educators empower students to realise their full potential as writers.

Conclusion: Sharon Callen’s insights offer a roadmap for educators seeking to cultivate joy and purpose in their students’ writing journeys. By prioritising purposeful planning, embracing drafting and revision as frequent iterative processes, leveraging mentor texts, and celebrating student voices through publishing, educators can unlock the transformative power of writing in the classroom.

As educators embark on this enriching journey alongside their students, they pave the way for a future where writing is not just a skill, but a source of boundless joy and self-discovery.






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Thank you to these teachers for their contributing work:

  • Bec and Sean at Fairview Primary School in WA
  • Rick, Jenna and Kate at Mt Barker South Primary School in SA


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