The 7 Timeless T’s Of Literacy

The 7 Timeless T’s Of Literacy

In this podcast episode Sharon and Phil cover a range of literacy learning insights and strategies, including:
“How do I engage every child in literacy learning?”
With literacy learning, what do teachers want? They want their kids to be engaged. They want to cater for all abilities and motivations.
Our approaches to literacy learning
It’s not about a blanket program that works for all. Not every child is the same. Some approaches are better than others – Sharon and Phil have discovered this over years of teaching.
In the Cue toolkit, revealed to you on this podcast, there are some great tools and techniques that will enhance these approaches.
How do we know which approaches work best?
Over the years, Sharon and Phil have seen first hand the increase in engagement of the kids in their classes and those they work with. When students own their own learning, they are more engaged.
Sharon and Phil talk about the three selves – self-motivated, self-regulated, self-directed.
This is just a broad start!
Getting started with 7 Timeless T’s of Literacy Instruction
In this episode, Sharon and Phil go through each of these as an overview and give ways they have worked in classrooms and give techniques/tools that have been useful. Listen in now!

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Each episode, we’ll be drawing on our 30 years+ of literacy teaching and consulting experience to provide you with practical insights and resources that you can apply in the classroom straight away. We’ll also be bringing in regular amazing guests to share their literacy learnings and stories.
The first two episodes are up now …. Tune in now.
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