Dive Into the World of Imaginative Writing!

Dive Into the World of Imaginative Writing!

Try our new Writing Units, Yr F-6, (PDFs) for teachers.

Employ the ‘Reading Like a Writer’ process

… where students see how authors craft their stories. Then students have a few short attempts at honing the technique before going on to their extended writing.

Model ‘Good Writer’ mini lessons

For example (in Yr 6 poetry), good writers:

  • Observe the world closely to gather ideas for poems that convey feelings and images through poetic language.
  • They experiment with different forms like Haiku and free verse, employing rich imagery and emotional depth.
  • They revise rigorously, removing unnecessary words, and pay attention to presentation, utilising white space and line breaks effectively.

Empower Yrs F-6 students with a variety of (4-5 week) writing units!

For example:

  • Author Study Writing Units, F-6
  • Poetry Writing Units, F-6
  • Plus Writing Units for Personal Narratives (F-2), Fantasy (3 & 5), Fables (4), Verse Novels (5), Historical Fiction (6) etc
  • Launching the Reading and Writing Workshops (F-6)

Links to relevant resources

  • See the Writing Units here, and then choose a grade level.
  • Hear Sharon on the PODCAST: The Art of Crafting the Writing Workshop (start it at 10m 32s) here. This podcast explores the basics of powerful writing lessons in your classroom.
  • See the Reading Like a Writer PDF resources here. These resources help you with a powerful process that can be a part of your mini lesson: with students ‘having a go’ at short trial pieces of writing before the they work independently on their own longer piece of writing.
  • Complete the Reading Like a Writer VIDEO COURSE, Yrs 2-6 (2+ hrs) here to deepen your understanding of this powerful process (complete the course in shorter stages if preferred).

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